EPIRB signal to be received by


  1. Wrong Answer- It should be Satellite (COSPAS-SARSAT or INMARSAT)

    1. Thanks for your comment please note that, When activated, an EPIRB sends out a distress signal that can be received by a Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC). The MRCC is responsible for coordinating and providing the necessary search and rescue services to vessels in distress. Upon receiving the distress signal from an EPIRB, the MRCC will determine the location of the vessel in distress and dispatch appropriate search and rescue assets to assist. In this way, the EPIRB provides a critical means of communication for vessels in distress, allowing them to quickly and effectively alert search and rescue services and obtain assistance. By signaling directly to the MRCC, the EPIRB helps to ensure that search and rescue services are dispatched as quickly as possible, increasing the chances of a successful rescue.


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